Facts and Information on American Samoa

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The section of this page titled “Information - Based on CIA Factbook” contains a wealth of information.  Most of the information is accurate but, the CIA information needs a lot of work.  The CIA claims “The online Factbook is updated weekly”, but much of the information is based on data collected 4-6 years ago.  I have made some notes, in italic font, where corrections are needed. 

Among the areas that need the most updating are Education, Energy and Communications.  The information in these areas reflect a lack of research. 

The 2010 Census information is not yet available online although it was scheduled to be available last year. The print version of the basic preliminary census data was scheduled for release in 2011. One reason for the delay is that the Island Areas questionnaires contained 75 questions, as compared to the stateside questionnaire containing 10 questions.  Many of the 75 questions were difficult for the census takers to understand and even more difficult to collect answers for.

We plan to add much more information in this section.

Please help: If you have information that will help correct or clarify any item in this section or if you would like to contribute new information, please use the comments section, the sitewide contact form or email us.