Sadie Thompson Inn

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Sadie's by the Sea

Welcome to Sadie Thompson Inn


Sadie Thompson Inn

The Sadie Thompson Inn offers lower priced rooms for business or pleasure travelers to Pago Pago.

Our air-conditioned bar with pool table and great music is a great place to relax. 

Sadie's Restaurant has long been known to be the best restaurant on the island, or maybe even the best in the South Pacific.

Pago Pago and the business centers of Fagatogo and Utelei are within five to ten minutes walking distance. 

Amenities include wireless internet, cell phone rental and private conference rooms.

At Sadie Thompson Inn.

The front desk rents cell phones and will gladly arrange for just about everything else you will need. We sell TOA cards for long distance calls from the room phones. Some rooms have wireless service, or you can easily pick it up poolside under our covered patio. We also provide a free terminal in the lobby. 

We have deluxe rooms that include a sitting room. Some are joint rooms for groups or familie


Sadie's in 1928 when it was known as the 'Haleck Hotel.'

The Original Building
(Photo courtesy of the American Samoa Office of Archives and Records Management)

This two-story building is currently the site of the Sadie Thompson Inn and Sadie's Restaurant. The original building (constructed right after the turn of the century) was the setting of W. Somerset Maugham's famous short story and later plays and movies such as, Sadie Thompson) (1928), "Rain") (1932) and Miss Sadie Thompson(1954) about "that woman," Sadie Thompson.

American Samoa Historical Preservation Office walking tour of Pago Pago