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10th Festival of Pacific Arts
American Samoa - July 20 - August 2, 2008





The Official Logo


In making an ula of the Pacific, we anticipate and await the arrival of our Pacific Brothers, our relatives, and our friends from afar for the celebration of the upcoming momentous occasion - the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts.

The essence of the journey is portrayed by three travelers to represent Polynesia, Micronesia , and Melanesia . We envision them setting sail at dusk, navigating by the stars (defined on the left side), and as they get closer, the new dawn begins with the gogo (pronounced ngo-ngo) birds hovering over the ocean, leading them to our shores. The steersman is a Samoan, tending to our visitors, to the Malaga, making sure that their journey is safe.

We look forward to greeting them with our ulas, a symbol that defines the nature of our welcome and the warm and loving expectation of the coming celebration.






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