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Over 2,000 participants from 27 countries

are expected to come together to celebrate the diverse cultures of the Pacific Islands.

We invite you to join us on this site to learn more about the event, the people, their culture and their art forms. The festival will feature magnificent visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, culinary and traditional healing arts.



Find the island group on this map and click to learn more or
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This map shows the island nations that are expected to participate in the festival. Approximately 7,500 islands, stretched over 30 million square kilometers of Pacific Ocean, comprise this vast region. There are 27 countries, hundreds of cultural variations and literally thousands of languages throughout the Pacific. They are coming together in an exchange of culture and art that is unequalled anyplace in the world.

This is truly a monumental event.


The above map is provided courtesy of
Secretariat of the Pacific Community



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