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We wish to thank all these wonderful sponsors and donors.


Platinum Sponsor


First Platinum Sponsor

Bank of Hawaii Donates $50,000

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(L to R ) on hand for the Fletcher Construction presentation were Festival Communication Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa, Director of Public Works Taeaotui Punaofou Tilei, Fletcher GM Dean Hudson, wife and Festival board member Isabel Steffany Hudson, Co-chair Leala Pili and Festival board member Ta'amu Iakopo, Director of Parks and Recreation.

Fletcher Construction Company, represented by General Manager Dean Hudson, used the newly constructed stage at Utulei Beach as the site for their formal presentation.  On behalf of Fletcher, which assisted Public Works in building the venue, Hudson said that when members of the organizing committee approached his company, he felt that instead of a monetary donation, Fletcher would better assist the Festival by helping with various construction projects.

Hudson also noted that Fletcher Construction has been in American Samoa since 1978, working on many projects over the years. The company is present in island nations and territories throughout the Pacific, and he felt that it would be appropriate and right to support the Festival of Pacific Arts here on Tutuila, which he now calls home.

The new stadium grandstand and the stage at Utulei Beach were built with Fletcher's assistance; considering labor, materials, and use of the crane free of charge, the "in-kind" donation came to more than $ 32,000 .

Speaking in Samoan, Festival co-chair Leala Pili said that she was so thankful for Dean Hudson, who has a "giving heart".

Festival committee chair Larry Sanitoa thanked Hudson in English,  for his "tremendous support in the spirit of community service."  Before leaving the stage, Hudson's wife, Isabel, offered a "private donation" of $1,000  from her husband and daughter, as a token of appreciation to the community for the tremendous support which has been given to her business ventures.  The Hudsons own and operate Le Falepule Lodge in Faga'alu and Moana o Sina in Fogagogo.

Humanities Council



The Reid Family of Companies

On Monday, June 16, the Reid family of companies donated $30,000 to the Arts Festival in the form of $20,000 cash, and $10,000 worth of Vaimãlũ bottled water. The Reid family of companies include G.H.C. Reid & Company, Ltd, Peter E. Reid Stevedoring, Inc., Samoa Motors, Inc. and S.L.C. Manufacturing (Vaimãlũ Water).

Vaimãlũ Water has been designated the official water of the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts.

Gold Sponsor

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On June 24, 2008, Origin Energy of American Samoa donated $25,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts.  General Manager, Richard Young, (fourth from left) said that Origin Energy has been known by many names in American Samoa over the years, yet, it has always been a vital part of the community, and has always made it their goal to serve the community.  With this donation, Origin Energy has once again done so; and they are proud to call themselves a "GOLD SPONSOR" for the Festival of Pacific Arts.  Accepting on behalf of the Governor, the Organizing Committee, and the people of American Samoa were Leala Pili and Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde (both in blue) who are Co-Chairs of the Festival.

On Monday, July 14, with less than one week until the Festival begins, donations are still coming in. On Monday,
Polynesia Shipping gave the Festival Organizers a check  for  $20,000 as the combined effort of four companies:
Polynesia  Shipping,  Polynesian  Line, Indotrans Line, and New Guinea Pacific Line. Joining John Suisala, the President and General Manager of  Polynesia Shipping, was Rodney Reid, a member of the Board of Directors of GHC Reid (part owners of Polynesia Shipping) as well as Polynesia Shipping Finance Manager Nima Carnecer and Customer Service supervisor Julia Lamositele.  Representing the Festival Organizing Committee were Communications Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa and Festival Co-Chair Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde.

In  his statement to the Festival Organizers, Reid noted that he was especially grateful to the church organizations,
village councils,  and government agencies who were doing their part to help beautify the island and make it ready for our guests. He also said that their company was committed to preserving and promoting Pacific cultural
heritage, and he knows  this money will assist in the final preparations for the Festival. 

Speaking on behalf of the Governor, the Festival and the people of American Samoa, Fagafaga responded that he has never seen the community come together in this way before.  With just days to go, he extended "sincere gratitude for this generous donation." 

(L to R) Larry Sanitoa, Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, Rodney Reid, John Suisala, Nima Carnecer & Julia Lamositele.

Silver Sponsor

At the lobby of the Tradewinds Hotel on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.  Avamua, representing family owned Haleck Enterprises donated $10,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts. On behalf of the family and its group of businesses, including Haleck Motors, Island Choice Dairy and Tradewinds Hotel, Avamua expressed his sincere hope for the success of the Festival and his gratitude and thanks for being able to support it in this way. Thanking Avamua on behalf of the people and government of American Samoa, Fagafaga stated that it is because of generous donations such as this one that the Festival will be able to host our guests with true Samoan hospitality

(L to R) Festival Communication Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa, Co-Chairs Leala Elisara Pili and Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, local businessman Avamua Dave Haleck, Creative Arts Committee Chair Peseta Tialuga Seloti, and Executive Director Lauti Simona

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) on Saturday, June 14, 2008 presented to Festival Co-Chair Fagafaga a gift of pillows, pillow cases, and sheets worth almost 15,000 USD. Gathered from church members throughout the territory, the donation will help to outfit the delegate's quarters and "go a long way to making our guests comfortable" according to Fagafaga.

Pictured here with samples of the large donation are Stake leaders, Fagafaga, and Director of Public Relations for the local church, Mr. Galu Satele, standing to the right of Fagafaga. This donation represents a gift of service and alofa to the people and the government, said Fagafaga, while he expressed sincere thanks to the church leaders for the generosity of the members.

On Wednesday, June 18,2008, Tautua Mo Oe became a Silver Sponsor for the Festival of Pacific Arts, with a donation presented at the company warehouse in Fagaima by Treasurer Francine Monotaga, (L)  and VP Frank Gaisoa Jr  (next to Francine) on behalf of sister companies TMO Wholesale, Pacific Independent Distributors, Beverage Plus and Windows Plus.

Festival Co-Chairs Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, Leala Pili and Executive Director Simona Lauti. were on hand to receive the generous donation.


Tutuila Store Owner Jane Chen (2nd from left) donated $5,000 cash and $4,800 worth of bedsheets and pillowcases to the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts on Tuesday June 3, 2008.   Pictured at their Nu'uuli Store with her son, Manu'a and store employee Lagi, Jane presented the donation to Festival Co-Chairs Leala Pili and Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde.

Bronze Sponsor

American Industries



Aumua Amata (center) presented the Festival of Pacific Arts a check for $6,000 which was donated by Amata, the American Samoa-based U.S. Tuna Purse Seiners, and the Tuna Boat Owner's Association. Seen here with Festival Co-Chair Leala Pili (L) and Executive Director Lauti Simona (R)  Aumua stated that she is very proud of the work which the Festival is doing to promote traditional art and cultural practices in the Pacific, and very grateful to be able to donate to the effort.  Picture taken before the newly built fale Samoa at Utulei Beach on Wednesday, June 4, 2008.




“On behalf of the Sene family, we want to help the people and the government host this Festival.” Stated Ms. Prescott.  Accepting on behalf of the Governor, the Festival and the people, Fagafaga stated “though the Festival is just a few days away, there is still an outpouring of support and alofa from the community.”

(L to R)   Festival Communications Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa, Co-Chair Leala Pili, Dennis Sene, Support and Services Manager and , Esther Sene-Prescott, General Manager for  KSBS FM 92 and Inter-Island Airways, Co-Chair Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde and Executive Director Simona Lauti at KVZK Studios to present a donation of $5,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts. 


McIntosh Timber Laminates Limited

We are proud to be associated with the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa as a sponser for this event.

Our involvement with American Samoa first began in 1972 when we supplied laminated timber roof beams for the Fono building in Pago Pago. Since this first supply we have worked with many builders and contractors, churches, home owners and Government departments, such as Public Works, to supply some 150 structures across Tutuila and also on Manu’a islands.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 NPI General Manager Jason Thomas (second from left) was joined by customer service manager Theresa Ah Foon to present Arts Fest Committee members with a donation of $5,000.  Jason stated that it was their hope that this would be the best Arts Festival ever held in the Pacific, and he was grateful that NPI could participate in making this event a sucess.

Mr. & Mrs. Ko of O&O Enterprises (Left) were joined by long-time Store Manager Fitu (center) to donate $1,000 and 500 cases of saimin to assist the territory in hosting the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts. There to receive the donation on behalf of Festival Organizers were Executive Director Lauti Simona and Festival Co-Chair Leala Pili on Wednesday, June 4, 2008.


L to R: Festival Board member Ta'amu Iakopo, business owner Joyce Sawyer, nephew Alex Briski and his son Sebastian; Festival co-chair Leala Pili and Communications Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa.


On Wednesday, July 16, Joyce Sawyer of Sawyer-Sifoa Company in Pago Pago stepped forward to offer a $3,000 donation, gratefully received on behalf of the Festival by committee chair Larry Sanitoa.  He stated that donations such as these are "wonderful" and community members such as the Sawyer family will make this Festival a success." Mrs. Sawyer was accompanied by her nephew Alex and his son Sebastian during the brief presentation at Festival headquarters in Utulei.

On Thursday, June 26, 2008, long time local businessman George Reid (second from R) presented Festival organizers with a contribution of $5,000 on behalf of Shoe Tree, as well as Hawaii-based Island Slipper, and Scott Shoes. On hand to accept the donation at the Nuu'uli Shoe Tree were Festival Co-Chairs Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde and Leala Pili, as well as Communications Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa. Reid expressed his desire to give something back to his community, and shared his belief that this Festival will be a great event because everyone is working together to make it a reality.


Major Donors

On Saturday, July 12, the Festival of Pacific Arts received a donation   from long-time resident and businessman Dong Ik Kim at KT Mart in Nu'uuli. The check for $3,000 was given to Festival Communications Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa, who thanked Mr. Kim on behalf of the Festival Organizers,
stating, "We appreciate you, your family, and your business.  We are grateful that your company has been added to the list of those businesses who are willing to help us host this event."  In his remarks, Mr. Kim noted that he has been in American Samoa for 31 years, and said "Thank you very much for the chance to give something back."

(L to R) Larry Sanitoa, Alex Kim,  Dong I. Kim, Leala Pili

On Monday, June 9, 2008, Steven and Sons of Tafuna and Pago Pago donated $3,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts. Speaking on behalf of his company, owner Steven Shalhout noted that the people of American Samoa had been good to his family, and in return, he wanted to support this very special event which the Territory is hosting. While thanking Steven and his wife, Fa'afetai, at their Pago store, Festival Co-Chair Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde said that he was deeply appreciative of the good people of the territory who are stepping up to support the Festival.

picture:  (L to R)   Executive Director Lauti, Co-Chairs Fagafaga and Leala Pili, Fa'afetai Shalhout and Steven Shalhout

American Samoa's Delegate to Congress, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, pictured here in his local office with Festival Communication Committee Chair Larry Sanitoa (L) and Festival Executive Director Lauti Simona (R).  On Thursday, July 3, 2008, Faleomavaega donated $2,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts, with an endorsement to the Organizing Committee for the "fantastic job" which everyone is doing.

L to R: Festival Board members Ta'amu Iakopo and Isabel Steffany Hudson; Alofa Iosia and I.F.S. owner Selestina Iosia, with Festival co-chair Leala Pili.

Island Funeral Service, represented by owner Selestina Iosia and assistant Alofa Iosia,  donated $2,000 to the Arts Festival on July 16, 2008  and Festival board member Isabel Steffany Hudson gratefully accepted on behalf of the Board, the Governor, and the people of the territory. She noted that "small businesses such as yours are the backbone of the community" and we "recognize the heartfelt contribution which you make with this donation."







Samoa Federation

Carson, California


Wightman, Crane & Stuart

On Friday, May 9, 2008 Ms. Ali'itasi Mauga of Wightman, Crane and Stuart presented a check for $2,000 to Arts Festival Co-Chair and CFO Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde at the Festival Offices in Fagatogo. Fagafaga gratefully accepted on behalf of the Governor, the Festival Organizers and the people of the Territory. Ms. Mauga noted that Wightman, Crane and Stuart has been in business in the Territory for over one hundred forty-three years , and they are very pleased to be able to donate to the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts.

La Nota School of Music gave a very special donation to the Festival of Pacific Arts on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at KVZK studio in Utulei.  Representing the local music school,
were Ruta Pouesi Fou (L) and Lulu Ah Mu- Pouesi (R), who presented Festival organizers with a check for $1,000 and an original musical piece authored by Namulauulu Dr. Paul Pouesi and his wife Lulu. Titled after the Festival theme, "Su'iga ula a le Atuvasa" the unusual gift was dedicated to Festival Co-Chair Leala Elisara Pili, who Namulauulu refered to as "the mother of the Festival."

SAMOANA H.S. CLASS OF 1977 donated $1,000 to the Arts Festival on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. Led by Andrew Thompson, (next to Fagafaga)  several members of the
class came to the Samoana gym to declare their support for the Festival. In her remarks to Festival Executive Director Lauti Simona, and Co-Chairs Leala Pili and Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde, Class of 77 spokesperson Sauila Kava (center) said that it was a source of great pride to the Class that the Samoana field was chosen as the Festival Village. She challenged other classes to join the growing list of community groups who have caught the spirit of the Festival.

Su'a Carl Schuster (R) and his wife Starr, standing next to Su'a, donated $1,000 worth of gas vouchers to the Festival of Pacific Arts Organizing Committee members on June 5, 2008 at their SSS Gas Express in Fagaima. Accepting on behalf of the Festival were Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde (L) and Executive Director Lauti Simona, next to Fagafaga. Fagafaga noted that "in light of the current trend toward rising gas costs, this is a timely donation, and will certainly help the Festival Organizers in a very practical way."

On Thursday, June 12, 2008 the American Samoa Veteran's Association joined the growing list of community groups to donate to the Festival of Pacific Arts. Led by their association president, Tauiliili Lauifi Tauilili, the group gave $1,000
to support the Festival. Pictured here are members of the association, along with Festival Board members at the VA compound in Tafuna.

Mr. Young Sun Kim, General Manager of Young Mart donated $1,000 to the Festival of Pacific Arts on Thursday, July 10 at his store in Utulei, with the assistance of long-time store secretary Sifaga Manuma, who has been with Young Mart since it opened. There to accept the gift was Lauti Simona, Executive Director of the Festival.  Mr. Kim stated that he has been in business here for over 16 years, and he would like to give something back to the people of American Samoa, who have been good to him.  Accepting on behalf of the Festival and the community, Lauti expressed his gratitude for the gift, and wished Mr. Kim continued success in his business. 




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